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Cross-border M&A Opportunities with a China Angle: China has become the second largest economy in the world. As the size of Chinese enterprises is growing, the degree of their global presence remains low. Cross-border mergers and acquisitions can help Chinese companies make transformation and upgrading quickly and effectively by acquiring advanced technologies and well-known brands, expanding into the international markets, extending industrial chains. In the process of overseas M&As by the Chinese enterprises, the transaction expertise, international network, and the financial support by the professional fund managers are urgently needed, which provide us with opportunities to jointly conduct overseas mergers and acquisitions with the Chinese enterprises.

Investment Opportunities Related to the New Round of State-owned Enterprise Reform: Since the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee, China has encouraged the non-state-owned enterprises to participate in the structural reform of state-owned enterprises and the non-state-owned capital to invest in the state-owned enterprises for the mixed-ownership optimization. China has allowed the mixed-ownership enterprises to implement employee stock ownerships, establish effective incentive mechanisms to improve the operational efficiency of the state-owned enterprises through equity diversification. Investment opportunities related to state-owned enterprise reform come from many aspects, including investments in the monopolistic industries by the non-state-owned capital, divestiture of non-core businesses owned by the state-owned enterprises, and the shareholding of the state-owned enterprises in the competitive industries by the market-oriented investors.

Investment Opportunities Related to the Industrial Upgrading and the New Economy: The industrial upgrading and the development of the new economy are inevitable and fast-evolving trends with long-term investment values in this globalized economy. Long-term capital gains can be realized by selectively investing in the companies with a strong growth prospect and competitive advantages in terms of technological innovations and new market demands. China has doubled down on its support for its industrial upgrading and its new economy industries, where relevant policies and incentives have been continuously improved.

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